Meet Megan

Desk jockey by day, mad baker, and ravenous eater by night – and dreaming of a country life every moment in between. This is my life.

About Megan:

Did I mention labra-dork ear scratching afficienado? I’m what you might call in expert in that, too.

I’m a reluctant Seattlite, with what a certified professional might call a slight obsession for the Palouse region of Washington state . That love is singlularly rooted in the fact that the worst traffic jam you find in town is about five cars long and wheat fields blowing in the wind are as mezmerizing to watch as a lava lamp – don’t act like you don’t like starring at lava lamps, too. My husband and I are biding our time until we can return to the land that we love, and that is in his blood. We are die hard “Cougs”, and have already decided our imaginary future children will be, too. That’s the kind of loving and non-coersive parents we will be.

We have one little one, who is the apple of our eye.

Its slightly chaotic in the best of times – but we love our life.

Ben+Megan Wedding228

In the mean time, until we can get back to our country-esque roots, I cook my way back to the country with dishes that comfort my carb-holic ways, include an over abundance of vanilla, and probably should come with side of  personal training sessions with Jillian Michaels. But such is life.

The wheatfields of the Palouse region of Washington State ::

About the Blog:

Started in the spring of 2010, Country Cleaver was a place for me to test out newly baked creations from my kitchen and share them with the world. Or whoever’s internet search engine plopped them onto this little site. I learned early in life how to master the chocolate chip cookie, and progressed into more homemade confections that ranged from sweet breads, to cakes, creme brules, and candy coated who knows whats. Somewhere in there I came to the conclusion that I needed to learn to cook “real” food, if for no other reason so that my boyfriend would stick around and not die of starvation. Well, he’s my husband now – so I guess the cooking worked!

In the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet fellow bloggers that have become true friends and been lucky enough to have readers come back for more, time and time again – no matter how embarassing I became. But the last two years have been a great adventure in not only cooking and baking – but self discovery. Everyone should be so lucky.

To Contact Megan:

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