52 Lists of Happiness Giveaway

We can all use more reflection in our lives, and this next giveaway aims to do just that! The 52 Lists of Happiness book, is one I have myself, that guides you through the year, to reflect on what makes you happy, and reflect on where you can find more happiness in your own sphere.

From a Seattle local author and publisher, I wanted to giveaway a copy of the 52 Lists of Happiness, and a second copy of any “52 Lists” book you choose! Whether you keep them both for yourself, or keep one and give one away as a gift, I hope that you will find some reflection and calm in these pages!

Other books in the series include this 52 Lists of Calm. It’s on my list to do next! As a full time working mom, and blogger, and wife, I carry a lot of stress and worry. I know this next journal will help me come back to myself a little more.

I love the prompt for action on List 12 – It says “Contemplate what it is about these people that makes you feel so uplifted. Set a date to spend time with, or chat with, one of them this week.” So not only does it make you more mindful, but more action focused, too!

You can also find 52 Lists of Togetherness for deepening connections with those you surround yourselves with. Whether it is friends or family, coworkers, or others, this will be a great guide to help you find your best path in making meaningful connections.

To enter to win two copies of “52 Weeks” enter in the comments.

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*Fine Print* This giveaway is being sponsored by me, myself, and I, because I just love these books. This post does contain affiliate links, so if you choose to just buy the books instead, I might make a penny or two. Giveaway will end on 12/1, and the winner will be randomly selected and notified by email.