Authentic All Butter Croissants

Build up those arm muscles for these authentic all butter croissants. They are well worth the effort, and patience, to make your own flaky pastry right at home! Add in your favorite fillings for a fun variation on this French classic. 
Authentic All Butter Croissants

There was never any doubt in my mind that I was going to go ALL BUTTER on these beauties. I mean, why would you ever consider anything different? If you’re going to make authentic croissants, make them the right way. But as a lesson in croissant making, my favorite baking coworker educated me on the LAWS of croissant making – including that the shape of them means EVERYTHING.

Authentic all butter croissants don’t actually have the moon shape to them in France. They are more conical. If you make them with a mixture of butter and other fats, that’s when they are BY LAW required to be curved. Mind. Blown. Also, isn’t that so typically French to make laws about bread shapes. All these years I thought I was English through and through, but these French people’s strict adherence to bread laws make me strongly reconsider what my true roots should be.

People of Bread – these are my people.
Authentic All Butter Croissants

To celebrate 18 weeks of Chip’s uterine existence, it was necessary to make these croissants the real way, all butter, two days time, and lots of arm muscle. It’s probably the best work out I’ve had in six weeks… which also means I probably shouldn’t have eaten four of them in one sitting. I apologize for NOTHING.

My mom and mother in law were thrilled when we told them he was the size of these tasty pastries. And this week, he’s the size of a Crepe Suzette, so now you know what you will see on the blog for Week 19! Can I also just say – how am I almost half way through this thing? Wow.

What else has been happening in me and Chip’s daily goings on? Well, he likes to poke me with some appendage when I least suspect it, and it makes me jump. Its like little pinches whenever it happens. I’ve felt what I can only describe as one roll that felt like a water balloon in my stomach shifted around. And his love of salty food has totally changed my entire palate. This sweets lover is all over salty things right now. Do not leave me along with a bag of kettle chips, you might find me in the corner licking the bag when I am done.

But the most alarming thing that has happened so far – is that my dreams are becoming way to vivid. I’ve always been able to remember my dreams, but they have never been more terrifying than this one. My subconscious was on high alert when I dreamed we were in the delivery room and he came out not breathing. As this happened to one of my dearest friends, I can only imagine this is what she felt like when it happened to her and her daughter. My screams and terror woke me up, as the last things I remembered were doctors and nurses whisking away my kiddo, who I hadn’t even touched yet, to send him out of the room and I didn’t know where. His name was on my lips and I was in sheet panic for not being able to move.

The only redeeming thing is that one possible name came to me – and I really like it. Maybe my subconscious and Chip was telling me something? So I’m going to take this name for a test drive and see what we think of it.

Never having wanted to do something too trendy with names I will tell you it’s a last name for a first name… what are your thoughts on that?

Authentic All Butter Croissants

Anywho, in lieu of providing you with the actual recipe – I’m sending you to two other blogs that I relied on as I baked my croissants. I used America’s Test Kitchens’ Croissant recipe and steps to make these – and if you don’t have an account with ATK, go visit Home Cooking In Montana’s site where she took their recipe and provides you with step-by-step photos of this process! It’s so helpful.

Also, check out my dear friend Rebecca’s blog Foodie with Family for her way of doing it. I upped the time I baked my croissants to reflect Rebecca’s process, to get them extra golden brown on the outside. It paid off!! I found the ATK versions baking time a little too short, and they seemed underdone and pale. No bueno.

So enjoy!!

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