Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches

These two bite Samoas ice cream sandwiches are small enough to be decadent, and leave you feeling no guilt! It’s time to indulge, but just not too much!Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches -

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! If you’re not interested in the heart shaped box of chocolates this year – even your hunny could make these in a cinch!! And these are the best means of portion control I can think of. Two bite ice cream sandwiches – balancing the best of both worlds – decadence and self-control. It’s like a Valentine’s public service. You’re welcome? I’m trying to help. But it’s not really, is it?

Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches - With a week full of coconut, caramel and chocolate – I went right for the obvious choice of ice cream filling – coconut ice cream. But after yesterday’s marathon 8 hour safety training course at work, I doubled down on the coffee and started thinking that coffee ice cream would be ah-maze balls in these two bite ice cream sandwiches.

Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches - with Homemade Caramel

And considering there are four more hours ahead of me today – on a Friday no less – I’m thinking that these would be the best way to cap off a Friday at work. Don’t you agree? Especially when one mini scoop of ice cream between two cookies takes a whopping 30 seconds to put together, you can have these in your face hole right after you drop your keys on the counter and head straight for the freezer.

Or, since it’s Friday – that means it’s time to crack a beer.

*GASP* Beer ice cream between Samoas.

New mission, should you choose to accept it – obtain all the ice creams and a box of Samoas and chow down, son. Chow. Down.

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Yield: 8 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches


16 Samoas Cookies
1 cup Coconut Ice Cream, or other ice cream of choice, slightly softened
ΒΌ cup Salted Caramel Sauce


Sandwich 1 scoop, about 1-2 tablespoons, of ice cream between two Samoas cookies. Drizzle with additional caramel sauce. Devour immediately or place in freezer until ready to eat. Let rest out of the freezer about five minutes before eating straight out of the freezer.

Two Bite Samoas Ice Cream Sandwiches -