Samoas Cookies and Cream Coconut Milkshake

These Samoas Cookies and Cream Coconut Milkshakes are simple to make, full of your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavors and perfect for spring and Girl Scout Cookie season. Even try it with a shot of Malibu Rum for a boozy milkshake, too!Samoas Coconut Milkshake -

Is it weird to crave ice cream in the middle of winter? I’m asking for a friend. Because whenever it’s cold enough to be bundled up like Randy from a Christmas Story, so layered that she can’t put her arms down, she inevitably also wants ice cream. In the spirit of dropping the last veil, that friend is really me. Shocker, right?

This ice-cream-when-it’s-frigid problem started young and it never let up, and continues to be apart of my winter ritual to this day. Β And it’s not just ice cream that I crave, but anything cold. Like milkshakes. And ice cream sandwiches *hint*.

Samoas Coconut Milkshake -

Seattle just went through its first winter storm of the season, I know – where the heck have WE been?! We got a couple of inches of snow and it finally felt like a real winter. I love the snow. I keep staring at the news, envious of my Polar Vortex friends that they have snow and we don’t. But then I remember that Seattle has a tendancy to collapse down around itself when it does snow.

There is a local insurance commercial that loves poking fun at us PNW’ers and illustrated it perfectly with it’s Northwest Profile – First Snow Fall Freak Out Lady.,Β which basically sums up all of Seattle when we even hear that snow is in the forecast. Somehow the magnitudes of rain we get in Seattle doesn’t phase us – but the snow – LOOK OUT!!

We are a town of enigmas. And enigmas with all wheel drive cars and Starbucks in our hands. Duh.

Samoas Coconut Milkshake -

So while everyone is out trying to scrounge up the last supplies for this Polar Vortex, or in our case here in Seattle, three inches of snow that melted the next day and is now three days of straight train, I’m going to sit back, leave my all wheel drive car in the car port, sit by my fire with my mutt and in my yoga pants and drink a milkshake. Because that’s what rational people do in the middle of winter.

Samoas Coconut Milkshake -

Yield: 2 Milkshakes

Samoas Cookies and Cream Coconut Milkshake


1 Pint Coconut Ice Cream
6-8 Samoas Girl Scout Cookies, chopped
β…“ cup Milk
2 oz Malibu Rum (for a Boozy Version)
Whipped Cream
Caramel Sauce


In a blender, add in milk, coconut ice cream, chopped Samoas Cookies (and Malibu Rum if desired). Blend on medium until just combined and the cookies have been blended in. Pour into tall serving glasses. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with caramel sauce. Sprinkle additional chopped Samoas Cookies on top for garnish if desired.

Samoas Cookies and Cream Coconut Milkshakes