Passionfruit Sorbetlini with Kinky Liquer

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -

It’s Award Season time!! Of the major award shows, the Oscars are hands down my favorite.  I grew up a real movie buff, loving the old classics and the glamour of old Hollywood. From Maureen O’Hara to Roslyn Russell, I love the dames of their day shining on screen. But a new era of actresses has emerged and I am beyond in heart with them. Top of my list is, of course, Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, she’s outright hilarious, and spunky from here ‘til Tuesday!

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -’m keeping my fingers crossed for her to win her second Oscar with American Hustle.

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -

The girls and I have been planning our award season plans since the nominee announcements were made, and with the fancy dresses planned and appetizers for days – we need something to sip on. Whenever we get together, our drink of choice includes something with bubbles.

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -

To keep with our oh-so-important effervescent tradition, I wanted to create a drink that the girls and I would love and any American Hustle-r would dig. The one drink that made an appearance at every family gathering for as long as I could remember was ice cream punch, and it seemed like the only way to go when mixing a drink for Oscar season.

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -

KINKY® Liqueur, which is a fusion of super-premium vodka and mango, blood orange and passion fruit flavors, was fresh, flirty and perfect for this drink.  With bubbles from the soda and a dollop of passion fruit sorbet, this is a totally slurpable celebratory drink for rooting on Jennifer Lawrence and her oh so luxe teased 70’s hair.

Passionfruit Sorbetlini -

If you’re looking for some Oscars inspiration, don’t forget to check out KINKY Liqueur’s Pinterest board for other sippable concoctions for the Big Night.

Yield: 2

American Hustle Sorbetlini


3 ounces KINKY Liqueur
1 cup Diet Lemon Lime Soda or Champagne
¼ cup Passion fruit Sorbet


In two champagne glasses, divide 1 ½ ounces of KINKY Liqueur into each glass. Over the liqueur, pour over Diet Lemon Lime soda or champagne. For a sweeter drink, use the soda. For a less sweet drink, use champagne. Top each drink with a small scoop of passion fruit sorbet. The sorbet will melt as you drink, just like the old school sherbet punches from the 70’s!

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