Trail Mix Greek Yogurt Parfaits

This trail mix greek yogurt parfaits are perfect for every day breakfasts or your camping retreat! Making your trail mix multi-task in this morning parfait.

Trail Mix and Honey Breakfast Parfaits -

Who’s going camping this weekend? It’s Labor Day weekend and time for one last hurrah in the woods before schools are back in, lunches need to be packed and fantasy football officially takes men away from their wives for hours and hours at a time… Looking at you, BEN!! Well, this week I’m celebrating this last hurrah of summer and we’re getting down to business with glam camp food and super simple camp side fare that takes minimal prep work and is super fun – so you can get back to camping and no scrubbing pots and pans. It’s vacation after all!

Monday we started the week with this Tomato Bell Pepper and Egg Skillet. It was a huge hit with the family and it has eggs and bread for dipping. What part of that isn’t a winner? I have another one here for you, too!

Trail Mix and Honey Breakfast Parfaits

I can’t get enough trail mix – and I always have a bag full of it at my desk at work. Usually it’s the fruit laden variety and minimal peanuts. It’s a filler legume. Gimme the seeds, the raisins, the pineapple and almonds!  The other thing I always have at my desk or in our cooler camping is yogurt – especially greek yogurt. To get through a day at the office or a long morning hike, my choice is always Chobani. For these parfaits, I kept it simple with vanilla greek yogurt – but change it up with some of their new coconut, or even the tried and true passionfruit yogurt! It’s super handy to keep a few individual cups of ‘Cho in your cooler for the weekend, and toss a couple handfuls of trail mix on top.

This weekend, with Ben and I off to mountains far from home, there will be one or two of these in our picnic to refuel post-hike. But where are we going? We’ll keep you posted – keep track of our adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Trust me, it’s gonna be so much fun, and uber romantic! What I will tell you – is that we’re redo-ing our first anniversary and hopefully it won’t involve an emergency room this time around… Or horses.

Pack up your packs kids – let’s get going!

Trail Mix and Honey Breakfast Parfaits

Yield: 2

Trail Mix Greek Yogurt Parfaits


2 6oz. Cups Greek Yogurt, Vanilla or flavor of choice
2 Tsp Honey
½ cup Trail Mix


Stir yogurts until smooth, top each yogurt with ¼ cup of trail mix and drizzle each with 1 teaspoon of honey. Consume immediately.