Saturday Stuff – On Friday

1) I’m eating my weight in Churros this weekend. I think it’s a rule that you can’t go to a Disney-Land-or-World without doing so. I hear D.World has beinets. You may never see me again.

1b) Ben’s and my wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks this week! It’s full of Awwwww, lovie dovey sick stuff and lifetime commitments.


2) Struggles, my office desk fish, continues to freak me out every chance he gets by wrapping himself around his water filter and just laying there dead like. I panic every time. He’s the fish that cried filter, or something. But he likes it. Don’t bother me while I’m cleaning my room!! I feel like I invade his privacy when I tap on the tank. Bad fish mom.


3) Beka has me doing crafty crap again. Adorable crafty crap – From Pinterest. It must be stopped. But my desk at work looks fabulous. All is forgiven. Except for PInterest. Cause it’s evil. Here is the how-to from TidyMom and she rawwks the vintage look. #craftallthethings


4) Order this. By the pound. It’s like the Swedish Fish of dried fruit. There is a stash in my desk, in my cupboards, in my purse. Not kidding.

5) I kinda got a comment ear-full about not telling you guys enough about this photo. True story – I used to be a competitive lumberjack. Yup. I was even decent-ish. All fingers and toes are still intact. And the scar on my shin where I got my throwing axe lodged in is now practically gone.


6) The depths of my love over Bakingdom’s Geek Photo A Day knows no bounds. I mean a photo day devoted to Sheldon Cooper? Sold. What would be your favorite class at Hogwarts? Potions, duh.



7) Thursday night, as I was red-eyeing it to Orlando, I missed the season finales – in one case the SERIES finale of two of my favorite shows. My life is Ovahhh!

The Office, what will I do without you? Jim and Pam? My spirit tv couple. They are me and Ben. We are Jim and Pam. I can’t handle it.

And Scandal? Anyone else totally torn to emotional bits over this show? I mean, sure he’s a cheater president married to a ragin cow of a First Lady, but Liv wants to do the right thing, but they love eachother! Or do they? And adding Scott Foley to the mix – well I just don’t know which way is up anymore. Needless to say  – I probably haven’t watched these yet – because I got into Orlando at 12:15 on Friday morning and hit the ground running. Thank the TV gods in heaven, Amen,  for the invention of the HULU App. I’ll be leaving the airport streaming it ASAP! So no spoilers.

9) In an effort to be healthier – The OKMH group is instituting a new vegetable of the week. This week is Chard. Screw kale. I can’t handle the kale. I tried, but it’s not happening. Something about it being something only a cow could chew through, just doesn’t appeal to me. Unless it’s kale chips. Covered in nacho cheese dust. I made this because I had to use up a bunch of rainbow chard I bought before leaving for Florida. Ben – the Veggie Police – hasn’t even touched it. And he won’t. So it’s up to me. How did I marry a self proclaimed veggie fiend that doesn’t like chard OR ARTICHOKES? I missed something here. Anyway – this is a recipe for one. I will live off this gladly.

9b) So I used chard in today’s recipe – and I have mastered the One (Wo)Man Mac n’ Cheese with Jalapeno Cheddar Mac and Cheese for one. I ate it like a lion over a dead zebra – ravenously and with out abandon. It wasn’t pretty, but it was dayyuumm good. This recipe is easy to multiply if you feel like cooking for others… if you’re feeling generous. I won’t judge, eat it all yourself.

Jalapeno Mac and Cheese for One


Yield: 1

Mac and Cheese for One

A recipe fit for one. Easy to double or triple!


½ cup dried Pasta, Orechiette
¼ cup Milk
1 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Flour
¼ cup White Cheddar, shredded
¼ cup Jalapeno Cheddar, shredded
2 leaves Chard, removed from stem and chopped


Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain. In pot that pasta was cooked in, add in butter, and melt over medium heat. Whisk in flour to form a roux. Whisk the mixture until it starts to bubble and thicken, turning a slight golden brown. Slowly whisk in milk until combined then the cheeses. Whisk until all cheese has melted. Pour in drained pasta and stir to coat evenly in cheese sauce. Add chopped chard leaves to the pasta. Plate and serve. Devour immediately.