How To Tuesday: How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Happy chickens lay happy eggs. Happy eggs are so totally a thing, I guarantee it. Next time you drive by that hand scrawled Farm Fresh Eggs HERE sign, STOP. I mean it. Best. Eggs. Ever. If not for the fun color variations of shells alone (blues, greens, speckles, OH MY!), then do it to help a local hobby farmer and support the little guy. After buying them however, there are a couple of tricks on how to clean your farm fresh eggs and make them ready to eat in a hurry.

There are many schools of thought to the Do or Do Not wash eggs argument. If you’re a a do-not-wash eggs kinda person, fabulous. Scrub the chicken shit off your eggs with a clean dry sponge or fine grit sandpaper and put them in your fridge for later devouring! Super simple.  But if you get a little squiggie at the idea of the unwashed and unsanitized eggs, these tips will clean your eggs so they’re ready to go grocery store style.

The biggest point to this post – is that farm fresh eggs rock and you should buy them without fear. They’re rich, flavorful and amazing. Scrub off the shit and get to cooking garsh durn it!

Also, sorry-not-sorry for the repeated use of the word chicken shit. Saying “chicken droppings” or “leavings” just sounds too dang pretentious. It’s chicken shit people, just like cow shit or horse shit. We all know what we mean.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

First, inspect all your eggs for cracks or breaks in the shell and discard them immediately.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Next, grab a clean non-abrasive sponge  to gently clean any hardened dirt away from the shell. Shells have a layer over the top called a “Bloom”, so be sure to rub away only the sections of eggs that have hardened gunk, but no more.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Squeaky clean, nearly.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Next prep two bowls of water – one with warm water and another filled with water with about ¼-½ teaspoon bleach to sanitize the eggs after they have been washed.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Working quickly, dip each egg, one at a time into the warm water and with your fingers rub off the remaining bits of dirt from the eggs, then quickly  dunk into the sanitizing bath and immediately dry each egg. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Because egg shells are porous they should not be left to soak in water or else they risk absorbing remaining bacteria into the egg because of the vaccuum created from the temperature difference between the water and the egg.
How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

Once all the eggs are dipped, dunked and dried – place all the eggs into the fridge and they are ready to scramble, hard boil, poach and bake with to your hearts content.

In other news, my life continues to revolve around mint colored everything, as exhibited by this week’s nail color selection. Because, you needed to know that.

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs -

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How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs