How to Infuse Olive Oil

Adding quick flavor to every day meals, this tutorial on how to infuse olive oil will up your cooking game, and it makes a great gift!
How to Infuse Olive Oil - overhead shot of saucepan of oil

There are so many different olive oils to choose from on your grocery store aisles. And then you can find some flavored ones! The possibilities are endless. There are also always flavored olive oil shops at every tourist destination and the array of choices always blows my mind. But what happens when you run out? You can make learn how to infuse olive oil all on your own!

But you know what else you should always have prepared? Having a pantry stocked with infused olive oils anytime you’re in the kitchen. Infused olive oil are so simple to make and they make a really easy gift during the holidays. The flavor combinations are endless, from garlic, to spicy peppers, to citrus and rosemary. It’s a cinch, I kid you not.

How to Infuse Olive Oil - in a glass jar with rosemary sprigs

What Do You Need?

Start with 2 cups of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your choice of spices, herbs or zests

I prefer savory and herby infused olive oils. Pick about 2-3 sprigs of your favorite herb, or 1/4 cup total. It is best to use fresh as their oils are intact and pungent.

If you’re choosing a citrus variety, use a vegetable peeler to get the oil rich skin off the fruit without including the bitter pith. Use about 2 citrus’ worth to get a deep and flavorful infusion. With a mortar and pestle crush the herbs, to release the oils and momentarily set them aside.

How to Infuse Olive Oil - in a sauce pan overhead shot on a wood counter

Pour your olive oil into a heavy bottom sauce pan and turn the stove to medium heat. Add in your herbs, spices or what have you and allow the herbs to gently simmer for just 2 minutes. It doesn’t take much. Cover the saucepan with a lid and allow it all to steep for about 2 hours.

Once you’re ready to bottle it, use a fine mesh strainer to remove the herbs and pour into a cleaned glass or vial. Cap and store, and use within one to two months.

Easy peasy, right? Think of all the flavor possibilities! You can do this.

Yield: 2 cups

How to Infuse Olive OIl


2 cups High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2-3 sprigs herbs, such as Rosemary, Thyme, or ¼ cup packed sliced Basil


With a mortar and pestle crush the herbs to release their oils. Set aside. In small saucepan over medium heat bring olive oil to just a simmer with a few bubbles coming up. Add in herbs and steep for 2 minutes. Turn off heat, cover saucepan with lid and allow the oil to infuse for two hours undisturbed.
Strain oil and herbs through a fine mesh strainer. Bottle and store in fridge. Use within 2 weeks.

Makes a great gift.

Adapated from Martha Steward How to Infuse Herb Olive Oil

How to Infuse Olive Oil