Bourbon Amaretto Coolers in glasses on a gray and white sheet pan
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Bourbon Amaretto Coolers

Pour a pitcher of these Bourbon Amaretto Coolers out at your next get together or BBQ! These sweet and sour drinks are going to be made again and again! From Meredith Steele’s new cookbook Effortless Entertaining.

I can single out the moment that I lost my romantic notions about flying. At 14, I was on my first non-parented trip, flying home from a student exchange in Japan with 14 other 8th graders, in the middle of the night. It was a trip to remember, not just for the experience and the fun. But because we flew over a massive lightning storm in the middle of the night. Turbulence included. When the flight attendants are requested to strap into their jump seats, it was a sign that it was a doozy of a flight.

And even after I became legal to drink, it usually took a beer or two to get me on a plane.

But there is one person I can almost single handedly say helped me get over my anxiety… or most of it… Meredith. And I am so glad that these Bourbon Amaretto Coolers came into my life!