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Thanksgiving Recipe Guide 2018

Isn’t it the first rule of Thanksgiving to unbutton the  top button of your jeans, and you save room for dessert? This is what we have prepared all year for friends, so get ready. By all means, pace yourselves, but I have listed out some of my favorite holiday recipes for you. I hope that they will grace your tables this year, and become new family traditions in their own right.

Growing up, the holidays were one of experiment and fun. One year, it was a true traditional Pilgrim style holiday, with a heritage bird, wild rice stuffing, and figgy pudding – no joke. And needless to say, it never happened again.

Another it was authentic paella, with all the seafood you could imagine, and another year, it was home fired pizzas on the Green Egg. But sometimes, it’s really nice to sit down to roll out the holidays with the dishes you know and love. This is a mix of all of that, with fun and new ideas, and the traditional faire we all love. Mix it up this year and I hope you will find something that speaks to you, and your stomach.