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OKMH :: October Edition

Does anyone else remember much of first grade beyond recess and calling their teacher “mommy” that one time on accident and then getting made fun of relentlessly for it? Oh no? Just me? Well the other thing that I remmeber from first grade was my teacher Mrs. Patterson doing a weekly compilation of a little flip book in each of kids’ favorite color – where each student would write down one nice thing about that student of the week. Each person got to decorate their card with something nice to say, glitter the living daylights out of it and then she’d tie them all together and each student would read their Nice Thing out loud to the week’s recipient. Naturally mine was Hot Cool Pink. And I think I kept that thing up until lik the 7th grade when being a 1st grader was like, so behind me.

Anyway – what does this have to do with OKMH? Well – I feel like every other month when these packages come I get to talk about my friends and say my one nice thing about them. Except I have way more than one nice thing to say about each of them. Like this month – is Mads from Petite Pancake.
OKMH 1 I adore Mads for many reasons – because she’s hilarious, we could commiserate over our beater old cars that were one step out of the glue factory, she is my hippy living SoCal friend that makes fun of the SoCal hippies and she dispenses incredible life advice and has a heart of gold.

Oh and she has a Pug shaped like a potato that I want to snoodle and never put down.

And the girl loves some random stuff. I love her to pieces. OKMH 2 For thos months’ OKMH box she outfitted me with all things random – including a lot of Halloween loot! Truth Time – Halloween – and my birthday – are tomorrow and I have yet to decorate at all. I mean, zilch!! Who am I? But no fear, Mads has me covered.

There are definitely birthday cupcakes in my future with those cupcake liners. And that pumpkin napkin holder is going to be a perfect votive candle holder casting spooky shadows all over the dang place!

OKMH 3 As a person who cooks a lot – my mitts are in aconstant state of disrepair and cracking. It’s like she knows this or something and bestowed upon me her choice hand cream. No lie – it’s amazing.OKMH 4

Lastly she rounded off the box by telling me that my chesticals are clearly NOT large Enough and thinks I should pad them some more with a blow up version. I really wish that three years of Japanese from high school hadn’t escaped me because I’m dying to know what this package says. Are these even for girls?!?! It looks like a 14 year old boy on the package! I’m so confused, frightened and yet still laughing through the awkward.

This is totally why we’re friends.

Also – not pictured – the empty, crumpled and torn bag of the Peanut M&M’s that were opened and devoured within two days. No excuses, eat M&M’s like a champion!!

Thank you Mads so much – I love it all to pieces. If this faux-boob pressons makes it into someone’s white elephant gift this year it will be because of you. Spreading the love. And cleavage.


3 Responses to “OKMH :: October Edition”

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    Jeanne (NanaBread) — October 30, 2013 @ 10:56 am

    Megan, you mentioned Mads’ box was random and I confess, as I read your post I thought “This is Halloween. Not so random at all, really.” Then I got to the blow-up boulders, and burst out laughing. Yup…there it is! Also kinda sorta goes with the Halloween theme if you shout “BOOB!” in an effort to scare people. Too much ask for a snap of how those inflatables worked out for you?

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    Allison @ Decadent Philistines Save the World — October 30, 2013 @ 8:48 pm

    WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS? OMG DYING!!!!!! We need someone to translate that box for us. Still dying over here!
    Also, I love the Ghostess with the mostest napkin. Puns are, like, my FAVORITE. This was so funny – and happy birthday, dear friend!

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    Mads — October 30, 2013 @ 9:54 pm

    Those boobs totally fit in the Halloween theme, no? haha I don’t know if anyone will ever use the contents of the box, but the packaging is well worth the purchase. Hilarious.
    And girl, celebrate your birthday! Happy happy happy!

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