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Chicken Cordon Bleu Sliders

Made with fluffy Hawaiian rolls, ham, chicken and lots of cheese – these chicken cordon bleu sliders will be the fan favorite at your next game day celebration!

Dish Count :: 1 small bowl, 1 baking sheet

You know it’s going to be a weird day at the office, when not five minutes after you sit down, eating your pre portioned Whole30 approved sweet potato hash, and casually checking your work email you hear, “Is there a Megan that works here?” from a very low voice, and a slightly confused and worried coworker goes “uhh, she’s right over there?”

So, as one would do, you put your fork down, and meerkat over the cubicle wall to see two gun toting, vested airport police walking towards you… It’s amazing what can fly through your head in the five seconds it takes them to walk to your desk.