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Country Guest Room Reveal!

One of the thing I was so looking forward to when we bought our house was that we would finally have a real guest room! We don’t have many guests, but I attributed that to the fact that we lived in an apartment for so long. When we did they were often relegated to the office on an air mattress, or the couch. Without a formal guest room I didn’t see a lot of appeal in having friends stay over. Back when I first moved into my apartment I had two futons that functioned as the guest space in my one bedroom apartment, and when Ben and I moved into a two bedroom our second bedroom became the office. There was barely enough room for both, as we each had our own desks for studying (Ben) and blogging (me).

But as we have been in our house nearing on a year and a half, I have been aching to give the office a guest room makeover. It’s still in the works, but the bulk of it is done so I can show you the guest space we have created in our guest room reveal.