Chocolate Almond Marble Pound Cake
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Chocolate Almond Marble Pound Cake

The perfect combination of chocolate and almond, swirled together and topped with chocolate and almond frosting for a delicious, and sinful treat! This chocolate almond marble pound cake will truly disappear in a flash!

Dish Count :: 1 Loaf Pan, 2 Mixing Bowls

I’m officially throwing off the yolk of the rational, emotionally stable woman. She is now gone. Hopefully back in the next six weeks when the little one’s eviction date rolls around, but for now, I apologize to anyone in my immediate circle for the complete lack of filter that has overtaken the former me. But who are we kidding, when the little one’s eviction day comes, there will be a whole new barrel of emotional monkeys to tangle with. So I bring you a pound cake as a peace offering.

The last few weeks have been stressful. Under “normal” circumstances it wouldn’t be anything I couldn’t handle, especially emotionally. But with the diagnosis of gestational diabetes looming over my head, it has put me through a wringer that I never expected. For all of the encouragements, “it isn’t your faults”, “it will be fine”s, and more, the further I have gone into this process, the worse I have gotten. And although the protocol is routine, with just mandated twice weekly non-stress tests, more ultrasounds, and amniotic indexing – I’ve gone through the roof with worry, anxiety, crying, and self doubt. And even cake can’t help me now.