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Jalapeno Popper Hot Dog

Top your favorite hot dog with your favorite bar snack! It’s the best of both worlds!  Loaded with jalapeno and cream cheese, all topped with crunchy jalapeno chips, too.

Dish Count :: 1 Grill, 1 Oven/Fryer

Jalapeno Popper Hot Dogs - Spicy and Creamy and Crunchy with Jalapeno Kettle Chips on top! Happy holiday grilling!

When I was a kid, I was terrified of all things spicy, and jalapeno poppers were last on my list of must have foods. The accidental popping of a quarter habanero my 8th grade year didn’t endear me to spicy foods either, and basically put me off of lemonade after I tried to stiffle the heat with a bottle of the fake stuff. I sauntered back into the world of spicy foods again around college, realizing that jalapeno poppers and beer was like, the most magical of combinations. And then a fairytale was born.

It seemed only fitting that one of my favorites – hot dogs – should be combined with another favorite – jalapeno poppers. They met, laid eyes on each other, and it was happily ever after. 

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