Apricot cucumber gin fizz in two glasses being poured
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Cucumber Apricot Gin Fizz

Cool down from the summer heat wave with this fresh cucumber apricot gin fizz that has fresh, juicy apricots and cooling cucumbers all muddled with a spike of botanical gin!

Dish Count :: 2 glasses, 1 cutting board

Our 6 year anniversary is coming up and I am not ready. And not just because I haven’t got his gift yet. It’s two days away and with all of the daily goings on of life, balancing our work schedules, our sleep schedules, raising the boy, working (or attempting to work) on the blog, and making major life decisions, trying to attempt to plan Emmett’s first birthday, and then an anniversary on top of it when Ben is working that day? Well, it’s not going well. We aren’t ones to over-celebrate anything, we like low key. But the acknowledgement of another trip around the sun together, and especially with this year being our first with an added addition is something I want to make sure we do acknowledge appropriately.

Mainly because it’s one year that our focus has shifted, our lives have changed, the balance of the universe has thrown the “old” us off kilter in favor of a new balance with another human. And with all of that, the sleepless nights, the thankless work, and the cups of coffee poured for one another, or sandwiches made for lunch so we can spend 10 more minutes with our boy instead of dedicated to each other, I want to acknowledge that we are still us at the end of the day and at the pinnacle of the turning of a new year.

We made it another year. That is worth of acknowledgement, appreciation, and a little celebration. Don’t you think?