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Bourbon Cherry Walnut Rugelach

These traditional Christmas cookies have received a fall time makeover! Their warm flavor is positively addicting, you will eat them all before you know it. 

Dish Count :: 1 Food Processor, 1 Baking Sheet, Pizza Cutter, Mixer

Bourbon Cherry Walnut Rugelach - It's fall time packed into a flakey cookie!

Today is the day – the day of the Move! *Dun duh DUNNNN* And really I could use a whole ‘nother batch of cookies to get me through this move. The apartment can’t hold any more boxes and Ben and I can’t create any more paths and passages through the boxes to sit on the couch let alone pack more things away.

Huck is ready for this move to be over with, too. His face wrinkles are in rare form and in a constant state of worry. Mostly I think he’s worried we are leaving him and all his toys behind. But how could we ever do that?! He’s the furbaby!

And don’t worry – he got a cookie just because. 

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