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Homemade Blueberry Butter

You know apple butter, but homemade blueberry butter is summer in a jar! This is a no waste recipe, and an easy intro to home canning, too!

My plans for cleaning out and reorganizing each room in the house have been start and stop for weeks. My next goal is to tackle the entirety of our deep freezer, so I started slow with frozen berries that I never got around to canning last year. Last week you might have seen my recipe for homemade blueberry pancake syrup? Well, this is the second recipe using the leftovers from the berries that made the syrup. If you’re concerned about food waste, and reducing the amount you throw away, this is an ideal no-waste food recipe that makes not only epic blueberry pancake syrup, but equally amazing homemade blueberry butter!

Everyone knows about apple butter, it’s nearly ubiquitous in the fall time. Consider this it’s summer equivalent! It makes between 6 and 8 half pint jars, so it’s also a lovely gift for someone you love.