Italian Plum and Walnut Compote
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Italian Plum and Walnut Compote

Save up a little bit of summer to enjoy all year long with this Italian Plum and Walnut Compote. Add in other dried fruits, like golden raisins, for a little change of pace. The uses for this are endless for summer entertaining. 

Dish Count :: 2 Large Pots, 1 Cutting Board, Six 8-ounce Canning Jars

The summer bug is really hitting us hard. While I have always enjoyed the gray skies of Seattle, because it makes the summer sun all the more sweet, this winter has had Ben and I kinda down in the mouth. I never really bought into what my bonus mom said, that every year it was harder to stay in Seattle because of the gray skies and rain, but since we moved back over here 8 years ago, I’m finally seeing that sentiment reflected in my own attitude.

Last summer, some dear friends of mine loaded me up with TWO GIANT paper bags full of Italian plums from the trees in their backyard. Growing up my grandmother had two of the same trees in her yard, and the association with the fruit has always stuck with me. Now that her trees are gone, my friends keep me stocked up in the summer and this compote happened. It’s only now that I get to share the recipe because, well, I’m an ditz who lost the original magazine this recipe was printed in!

There may have been a minor meltdown that occurred… but we won’t go into it. Let’s just say, it wasn’t my finest moment. Thank goodness for canning friends who come to the rescue.