Chocolate Tiramisu Swiss Roll
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Chocolate Tiramisu Swiss Roll

This chocolate tiramisu Swiss Roll is the best of two classic desserts all rolled into one. Chocolate sponge is wrapped up around a silky tiramisu filling. Make this for a special occasion!

This week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and not just because of the hormones. Week 25 is officially here, and the tiny tater tot continues to grow, kick, make my ankles swell, and squeeze me out of these impossibly cute gingham Sam Edelman flats I just bought. Ben, ever the judger and told-you-so-er said “they said you shouldn’t be buying any new shoes now!”

Yeah, well. GINGHAM FLATS, Benjamin! If gingham flats are what it takes for me to feel even somewhat more appealing and attractive as I continue to grow this love bump, then I’ll take the risk.  At this point I’m just hoping to look more like a graceful pregnant dolphin gliding through the water, than the pasty white Beluga whale that I feel like.

That is not meant to sound ungrateful for the tater tot that’s growing into a full blown spud, but just that maintaining femininity and grace is being tossed right out the window. Even maneuvering myself out of the car is becoming more challenging. Or taking three good flops in bed to turn from one side to the other. Grace becomes her. Not me.

Crepe Suzette - Orange Crepes with Orange Butter Filling
June 7, 2017

Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette is sheer perfection for dessert or a fancy breakfast! Crispy crepes and soft orange butter melted inside make these a surprise to anyone who eats them. And they get an extra special...