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Chorizo and Pepper Breakfast Spaghetti Squash Bowls

Switch up breakfast with a little south of the border flair with these chorizo and pepper breakfast spaghetti squash bowls. Packed with chorizo, peppers, black beans, and eggs, they are low carb and super filling for a make ahead breakfast, or even dinner!

Over a cup of coffee this morning, I was debating on telling you one of two stories, not entirely sure of which one would be a better option. Would it be telling you more about myself, what I do, who I work with, or something utterly distressing that I witnessed on my way home from work last night that left me in absolutely dismay and tears? Sitting here, not able to decide and typing anyway, as some sort of run on sentence, I’m hoping that if I type long enough the answers will come to me, let me tell you both of them? Or lets just see where this post goes.