Fudgy Zucchini Brownies with Whipped Chocoalte Frosting close up of cut brownies in pan
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Fudgy Zucchini Brownies with Whipped Chocolate Frosting

There is nothing better than a extra fudgy zucchini brownie with whipped chocolate frosting! The added zucchini makes these extra moist, with a healthy twist that stays perfectly hidden from the most particular of kids. Add a light and fluffy whipped chocolate frosting to the top for a little something extra!

Here I am, luring you to the blog with brownies today, and taking a decidedly different tone in the writing to talk about something a little more serious. No, no, it’s not bad. And you still get brownies! But I’m just opening up. World Mental Health Day was yesterday, and I thought on it a little more, how do I open up and not alienate people who are here solely for the happy and cheery, or here for just the recipe, when I want to also balance being honest and open as well?

So I’m taking a chance, opening up, being honest, in a space that I feel should allow me that freedom, but also shying away from the same thing because we inadvertently want to just see the happy. I know that I have a habit of scrolling right past the sadder things in life, to focus on the “happy and pretty”, but to brush aside the struggles of others or to pretend like these rougher, harder, and darker things don’t exist is equally a disservice to those who need the most help.

And here it is. I suffer from post-partum anxiety and depression. There, I said it. Can we still be friends?